Extreme Drummers – We Need To Unite

For too long drummers have been cast in the shadows of the lead singer in the lead guitar player. For too long has the overextending vocals of our lead singer simply drowned out the sweet base and the sweet snare of our drums.

As drummers, no, extreme drummers, we need to take a stand and unite against us.

We have the best equipment that money can buy. Bar none, drum sets are the coolest piece of equipment that is in any band. There’s nothing more badass than looking at a drummer playing on a drum set that is about eight different pieces to it. Think about all the times you’ve seen the Metallica drummer in the rush drummer on stage with their giant 12 piece drum sets. About you are an absolute or when they were on there.

Drummers are extreme and they need to be heard.

Frankly were sick and tired of being in the background. Our drums are what ties everything together. Without the sweet sound of her snare or the intimidating sound of our bass drum there’s absolutely no way that a band would be able to function.

And this is even irregardless of extreme music. Even softer styles of rock and pop music need to encompass the beauty that is a drummer in his drum set.

I know that most music nowadays is going to that sissy electronic dance music stuff for the autotune music. However there’s always going to be place for a drummer in his drum set in any kind of band.

After all how can you have a band without a drummer. Who’s going to put the emphasis on the end of the chorus or the actual lead up to the course. Who is going to foreshadow the singer’s solo. No one but other than the drummer.

The most extreme of drummers embrace the portion of the song in which they have a drum solo. Hearing and seeing them faster drumsticks on their beautiful drum set is a sight for sore eyes. Nothing gets me more pumped up than seeing a drummer banging on his drum set and just feeling the rhythm of the music and letting it into his body and his soul.

We need to unite as extreme drummers. Take out your drumsticks and start banging on your drums.