Bring Back Extreme Drummers

I recently went to my local high school to see other music program was doing. When I was back in high school I used to be an All-Star drummer inside of their band. In fact, the majority of my friends were hard-core drummers in the band.

Our band had about 300 members in it. It was one of the largest bands in the whole country. I was really looking forward to going back and see if my old teacher was there. He was actually one of the best drummers in the world at the time. I had to retire due to family issues.

He taught me everything that I ever needed to know about drumming. He actually also help me by my first drum set. I love that drum set more than anything and actually keep the drum set in my garage.

When I went back to the high school it was kind of a nostalgic feeling. It felt like nothing had changed in the band room. All the drum sets were in the back of the room where they were when I was a kid.

I saw my teacher and then hung around in the sin of the kids play. The music that they were playing was absolutely appalling. I cannot believe the garbage that was coming out of their instruments.

What really hurt my feelings was that all the drummers were playing nothing but their snare drum. There was no bass drums on the drum sets. I could not believe that.

Back when I was in sky school and playing on my drum set there was nothing but bass drums. Well, that’s actually a lie, we had one little snare drum but we barely use it. We were there to bring power to the whole band.

I asked the teacher what was going on as to why there was no bass drums onto the drum sets of the kids in high school using. He said that they had gotten too many complaints from parents that they felt that the bass drums were causing their children to become extreme drummers. They didn’t want their precious little kids to become extreme and go to the dark side.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing for my old teacher. How the heck could a drum set in a bass drum bring their kid to the quote unquote dark side. I think that such a whole load of malarkey. It just goes to show how far the politically correct culture that we live in is gone. What a disappointment. Bring back the bass drums on side of the drum kits.