Black Or Red – Best Drum Set Color?

When we had our most recent meeting the topic came up of whether or not a black drum set or red drum set was the better color. There were very strong opinions going one way or the other.

We actually all grown up watching her favorite drummers plan both sets and we found that whoever decided they wanted a black drum set or red drum set more often favored the color the drum set of their favorite drummer had when they were growing up.

Through was absolutely divided 10 to 10 on whatever color was best black or red.

The people who thought that a black drum set was better were typically into the darker bands such as Metallica and AC/DC. There was also a lot of Black Sabbath fans that were in that bunch. I guess it goes along with having a darker color associated with the darker style of music.

The members of the group there wanted a red drum set were typically those who are more on the top side of the heavier version of rock ‘n roll, if that makes sense. I’m talking more along the lines of bands like Rush, the Beatles, journey, and guns and roses.

These types of bands while they were very hard-core at times, would also let out a flurry of more pop rock ‘n roll songs that were meant for mainstream audiences. They always use the red drum set because they felt that it wasn’t too intimidating, but it also let their hard-core fans know that they were still metal.

I’ve been looking online to see what people favor more, a black drum set or red drum set, and have really not been able to come to a conclusion.

If you look on Amazon you’ll see that the majority of best-selling drum sets are black for adults and red for kids.

I’m not sure if it’s because adults are more darkened like a black drum set were of kids are more creative and like a colorful red drum set.

I think that the color you pick for your drums it actually says a lot about you.

Look at the example that we had that I mentioned above a worm remembers word have their colored drum set be chosen based on who they used to listen to when they were growing up.

These people embodied the characters that their favorite drummer had growing up. Now they let their color show in the form of the drum set