What Are The Parts of a Drum Set?

What Are The Parts of a Drum Set?

Aside from the actual drums themselves, what comprises a drum set? You will need an answer to that question if you want to purchase a drum set for yourself or for someone you know. You will need to know the different parts of a drum set because when you are going to buy a kids drum set, for example, you will need to know what kinds of parts to look for, especially if you want to make a smart choice in purchasing one. This requires you to familiarise yourself with these various kinds of drum set parts.

Drum Pedals

Your bass drum will need to have a pedal that you can use to operate it. And this requires that you need to find a bass drum pedal that comes with a complete drum set. You will want to get a bass drum set pedal that is adjustable, to ensure that it is comfortable to use.

Snare drum

The snare drum or side drum is a smaller drum that is used in addition to your main drum set. This kind of drum is often used to add more texture and variety of sound to whatever you are playing on the drums. You will want to get a drum set that has got a snare drum. By getting a drum set that has got a snare drum, you will be able to play a wider variety of music.


No drum set is complete without some cymbals. Cymbals add a much-needed tone to your drum playing. And it is a good idea to get a drum set that has got cymbals included. You could end up saving a lot of money on paying for additional cymbals if you get a drum set that already has them.

Cymbal Stands and Racks

You will also need someone to put your cymbals and other accessory drum parts on. If a drum set already comes with cymbals, then chances are it will also come with some stands in the package too. You should get cymbal stands and racks that are adjustable in height.

Drum Thrones

While most drum sets do not come with a chair, it is important that you get something to sit on when you are playing the drums. And this means that you have to get a proper drum throne if you want to sit down properly when playing the drums. This is because a drum throne has the adjustable height and the manoeuvrability, which makes it easier to play the drums.

When you are looking for a kids drum set or any other kind of drum set for that matter, you have to make sure that the drum set itself will have all of these parts. You will want to get a drum set that has got these complete parts, to ensure that the drum set you get has got the best value for your money. And this means that getting the best value for your money will require getting a complete drum set with all of these parts. So use this guide as a reference for when you are going to purchase a drum set.

Bring Back Extreme Drummers

Bring Back Extreme Drummers

I recently went to my local high school to see other music program was doing. When I was back in high school I used to be an All-Star drummer inside of their band. In fact, the majority of my friends were hard-core drummers in the band.

Our band had about 300 members in it. It was one of the largest bands in the whole country. I was really looking forward to going back and see if my old teacher was there. He was actually one of the best drummers in the world at the time. I had to retire due to family issues.

He taught me everything that I ever needed to know about drumming. He actually also help me by my first drum set. I love that drum set more than anything and actually keep the drum set in my garage.

When I went back to the high school it was kind of a nostalgic feeling. It felt like nothing had changed in the band room. All the drum sets were in the back of the room where they were when I was a kid.

I saw my teacher and then hung around in the sin of the kids play. The music that they were playing was absolutely appalling. I cannot believe the garbage that was coming out of their instruments.

What really hurt my feelings was that all the drummers were playing nothing but their snare drum. There was no bass drums on the drum sets. I could not believe that.

Back when I was in sky school and playing on my drum set there was nothing but bass drums. Well, that’s actually a lie, we had one little snare drum but we barely use it. We were there to bring power to the whole band.

I asked the teacher what was going on as to why there was no bass drums onto the drum sets of the kids in high school using. He said that they had gotten too many complaints from parents that they felt that the bass drums were causing their children to become extreme drummers. They didn’t want their precious little kids to become extreme and go to the dark side.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing for my old teacher. How the heck could a drum set in a bass drum bring their kid to the quote unquote dark side. I think that such a whole load of malarkey. It just goes to show how far the politically correct culture that we live in is gone. What a disappointment. Bring back the bass drums on side of the drum kits.

Drums Sets And Kids’ Play Time

Drums Sets And Kids’ Play Time

You see that all our lives are so hasty and hectic and it is impacting our health and well-being actually. Relaxation seems to be a forgotten need or a luxury. However, it must be your top priority and it needs to be planned into everyone’s day. It is domineering that everyone in the family has some idle time. Especially kids need lot of time to play around and hang out with their peer/age mates to chill out for fresh and relaxation.

Toys and playing kits will become bored sooner a while, wherein a drum set for kids and drum set for toddlers will never lose its demanding feature in which it comes under reality.

It really helps the parents to identify their child’s means of relaxation and then make sure that they are able to engross in that activity. Some common ways that kids feel relax are:

  • Doing different types of arts and crafts
  • Read kids novels, comics for your little ones
  • Try teaching them their lovable playing an instrument
  • Take them out for a play
  • Getting them playing kits to play around
  • Allow them taking care of animals
  • Fix a friendly match and play sports
  • Engage in nature related activities such as gardening, planting trees et al
  • Do collection: rocks, bugs, stamps et al


Find out what they like to do to relax and make sure they are able to do it. Taking walks, crafts, and reading are just a few examples. Appraising in one another good thing that labelling the kids with positive names will make them good child ever! You can buy drum set for kids. Try appreciating and appraising them for their small deeds and applause even when they make good music with awesome expression on his/her drum set. Wherein joyous and applause are the best ways to make kids happy and feel completed.

8 or 12 Piece Drum Set for Extreme Metal Rock!

8 or 12 Piece Drum Set for Extreme Metal Rock!

We had another debate at our next meeting in which we all discussed whether or not we felt that an AP strum sitters for peace drum set is best for extreme metal rock.

The arguments were going both ways and we are unable to reach another unanimous decision. That I think about it, the majority the roof can never come to a conclusion on which is the best drum set for really any type of music.

The people who wanted to use in an 8 piece drum set for extreme metal rock were those who felt that there is no need to over complicate the situation.

When you’re playing extreme metal rock on a drum set, you’re mainly going to be focusing on the base that your drum set has. There is very little snare involved when you’re playing extreme metal rock.

So people who voted for the 8 piece figured that the extra snare drums were absolutely useless. They felt that they would get in the way and just completely overwhelm the drummer.

While having too many pieces on a drum set is not going to be a problem for any professional drummer, I could definitely see the argument that it can be quite cumbersome when you’re trying to gauge the reaction of your fans and have to look over for additional drum snares.

Those that argued for the 12 piece drum set were those who felt that extreme metal rock was often also determined by the base on the drum set, but they felt that the music was all tied together by how the drummer would use the snare drums on their drum set.

They felt that the interludes in the leading up to the chorus where the most important parts of the song. An extreme metal rock song will always have a nice snare leading up to the chorus or the interlude.

By given the professional drummer an additional four snare drums on his drum kit, you’re really selling them up for some additional success on those interludes leading up to the chorus.

While you can easily accomplish any of the same types of snare sounds on in a piece drum set, you’re able to hit some additional finely tuned ones on the 12 piece drum set.

I don’t think there’s really right or wrong answer on this. It’s all going to come down the preference.

Extreme Drummers – We Need To Unite

Extreme Drummers – We Need To Unite

For too long drummers have been cast in the shadows of the lead singer in the lead guitar player. For too long has the overextending vocals of our lead singer simply drowned out the sweet base and the sweet snare of our drums.

As drummers, no, extreme drummers, we need to take a stand and unite against us.

We have the best equipment that money can buy. Bar none, drum sets are the coolest piece of equipment that is in any band. There’s nothing more badass than looking at a drummer playing on a drum set that is about eight different pieces to it. Think about all the times you’ve seen the Metallica drummer in the rush drummer on stage with their giant 12 piece drum sets. About you are an absolute or when they were on there.

Drummers are extreme and they need to be heard.

Frankly were sick and tired of being in the background. Our drums are what ties everything together. Without the sweet sound of her snare or the intimidating sound of our bass drum there’s absolutely no way that a band would be able to function.

And this is even irregardless of extreme music. Even softer styles of rock and pop music need to encompass the beauty that is a drummer in his drum set.

I know that most music nowadays is going to that sissy electronic dance music stuff for the autotune music. However there’s always going to be place for a drummer in his drum set in any kind of band.

After all how can you have a band without a drummer. Who’s going to put the emphasis on the end of the chorus or the actual lead up to the course. Who is going to foreshadow the singer’s solo. No one but other than the drummer.

The most extreme of drummers embrace the portion of the song in which they have a drum solo. Hearing and seeing them faster drumsticks on their beautiful drum set is a sight for sore eyes. Nothing gets me more pumped up than seeing a drummer banging on his drum set and just feeling the rhythm of the music and letting it into his body and his soul.

We need to unite as extreme drummers. Take out your drumsticks and start banging on your drums.

Black Or Red – Best Drum Set Color?

Black Or Red – Best Drum Set Color?

When we had our most recent meeting the topic came up of whether or not a black drum set or red drum set was the better color. There were very strong opinions going one way or the other.

We actually all grown up watching her favorite drummers plan both sets and we found that whoever decided they wanted a black drum set or red drum set more often favored the color the drum set of their favorite drummer had when they were growing up.

Through was absolutely divided 10 to 10 on whatever color was best black or red.

The people who thought that a black drum set was better were typically into the darker bands such as Metallica and AC/DC. There was also a lot of Black Sabbath fans that were in that bunch. I guess it goes along with having a darker color associated with the darker style of music.

The members of the group there wanted a red drum set were typically those who are more on the top side of the heavier version of rock ‘n roll, if that makes sense. I’m talking more along the lines of bands like Rush, the Beatles, journey, and guns and roses.

These types of bands while they were very hard-core at times, would also let out a flurry of more pop rock ‘n roll songs that were meant for mainstream audiences. They always use the red drum set because they felt that it wasn’t too intimidating, but it also let their hard-core fans know that they were still metal.

I’ve been looking online to see what people favor more, a black drum set or red drum set, and have really not been able to come to a conclusion.

If you look on Amazon you’ll see that the majority of best-selling drum sets are black for adults and red for kids.

I’m not sure if it’s because adults are more darkened like a black drum set were of kids are more creative and like a colorful red drum set.

I think that the color you pick for your drums it actually says a lot about you.

Look at the example that we had that I mentioned above a worm remembers word have their colored drum set be chosen based on who they used to listen to when they were growing up.

These people embodied the characters that their favorite drummer had growing up. Now they let their color show in the form of the drum set