8 or 12 Piece Drum Set for Extreme Metal Rock!

We had another debate at our next meeting in which we all discussed whether or not we felt that an AP strum sitters for peace drum set is best for extreme metal rock.

The arguments were going both ways and we are unable to reach another unanimous decision. That I think about it, the majority the roof can never come to a conclusion on which is the best drum set for really any type of music.

The people who wanted to use in an 8 piece drum set for extreme metal rock were those who felt that there is no need to over complicate the situation.

When you’re playing extreme metal rock on a drum set, you’re mainly going to be focusing on the base that your drum set has. There is very little snare involved when you’re playing extreme metal rock.

So people who voted for the 8 piece figured that the extra snare drums were absolutely useless. They felt that they would get in the way and just completely overwhelm the drummer.

While having too many pieces on a drum set is not going to be a problem for any professional drummer, I could definitely see the argument that it can be quite cumbersome when you’re trying to gauge the reaction of your fans and have to look over for additional drum snares.

Those that argued for the 12 piece drum set were those who felt that extreme metal rock was often also determined by the base on the drum set, but they felt that the music was all tied together by how the drummer would use the snare drums on their drum set.

They felt that the interludes in the leading up to the chorus where the most important parts of the song. An extreme metal rock song will always have a nice snare leading up to the chorus or the interlude.

By given the professional drummer an additional four snare drums on his drum kit, you’re really selling them up for some additional success on those interludes leading up to the chorus.

While you can easily accomplish any of the same types of snare sounds on in a piece drum set, you’re able to hit some additional finely tuned ones on the 12 piece drum set.

I don’t think there’s really right or wrong answer on this. It’s all going to come down the preference.